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Specialty Courier Services

Frozen Blood Samples

We provide white glove services by arriving with validated dry ice shipper, dry ice, pressure bag, absorbent pad and temperature loggers to pack the blood samples. Our range of validated dry ice shipper provides longevity of the temperature with minimum amount of dry ice thus reducing transportation costs without risking sample safety.

In addition, we have the capabilities both at the origin and destination airport to replenish dry ice when necessary. Clinical

Our fulfilment facilities across Middle East Regions and Europe are equipped with freezer, chiller and refrigerator to deliver pre-conditioned vaccum insulated thermal packaging and phase change material to site for door to door transportation.

Our Global Coverage are Complimented by specialist partners that are experts in pharma cold chain transportation.

Clinical Trials

We arrive at our door step with a pre-conditioned VIP thermal packaging solutions and temperature logger to collect and deliver door to door including customs declaration thus providing full chain of custody

Our selection of VIP packaging solutions minimise the risk of temperature excursion as the packaging self recharges to prolong its temperature duration when store in respective cold room temperature at the airline terminals

In addition, we conduct pre-document checks prior to shipping and next flight out flight booking ensures just in time collection and delivery process reducing the risk of customs delays.

Biological Samples

Our expert knowledge in collection biological samples and providing appropriate temperature controlled packaging solutions ensures safe transport door to door.

All documents are pre-check for outbound and inbound transportation to ensure hassle free customs clearance and delivery to the final sites.

Direct to Patient

Our use of technology ensures delivery of clinical drugs or prescriptions drugs direct to patient home are managed safely and accurately. 

Customs Declaration

Our in-house customs declaration team is experts in local regulatory requirements for declaration of pharmaceutical shipments.

We offer complete solutions to our clients with advise of temperature controlled packaging solutions, flight routes, transit times as well as relevant shipping documents and licenses for outbound and inbound of these type of shipments. On behalf of our client,

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